Mansion House Photos, 2009 Mansion House Photos, 2009 Mons front doors west wing 61088350 Mons front door handle west wing 61088348 Mons front door knocker west wing 61088349 Mons front fountain 61088352 Front courtyard with fountain 2 61088328 Front courtyard with fountain 61088327 Mons Sesquicentennial Award 61088356 Mons front entry doors 61088351 Mons front staircase west wing 61088353 Mons front staircase west wing 2 61088354 West wing 2nd floor chandelier 61088361 The first floor parlor's fireplace and parquet flooring 59909422 Front parlor's marble fireplace 61088331 Front parlor 61088332 Front parlor windows 61088333 Middle parlor 61088346 Back parlor with chandelier and marble fireplace 61088320 Back parlor ceiling 61088317 The chandelier and ceiling of the rear parlor 59909424 Back parlor windows 61088318 Back parlor windows 2 61088319 The grand foyer of the mansion's first floor 59909423 Grand foyer 61088334 Grand foyer windows 61088337 Grand foyer fireplace 61088336 Grand foyer ceiling 61088335 Front door east wing with leaded glass 61088330 Wrought iron staircase to basement 61088338 Basement wrought iron spiral staircase 61088321 Mons lion statue 61088355 Back bathroom's sink 61088313 Back bathroom's stained glass window 61088314 The door handle of the mansion's rear entry 59909421 Butler's pantry 61088322 Kitchen fireplace 61088339 East wing staircase 61088324 East wing staircase 2 61088325 2nd floor bedroom with jacuzzi 61088303 2nd floor master bedroom 61088305 2nd floor master bedroom fireplace 61088307 2nd floor master bedroom ceiling 61088306 Elaborate decor in the second floor's front bathroom 59909425 A snapshot of the second floor bathroom with marble inlay and elaborate cabinetry 59909426 2nd floor hall to library 61088304 Entrance into the second floor's grand library 59909414 Door to 2nd floor library 61088323 Entrance to library with stained glass window 61088326 The second floor library 59909420 Library 61088340 Library 2 61088341 Library 3 61088342 Library 4 61088343 Library 5 61088344 The grand fireplace in the second floor library 59909415 A close up of the individually hand-painted English tiles above the grand fireplace 59909416 Another close up of the English tiles 59909417 A close up of the grand fireplace 59909418 The cathedral ceiling in the second floor library 59909419 Library ceiling 61088345 Stairs to 3rd floor 61088357 3rd floor balcony 61088309 3rd floor balcony 2 61088310 3rd floor west bedroom 61088308 3rd floor bathroom 61088311 Stairs to 4th floor 61088358 4th floor tower room 61088312 Tower floor 61088360 Tower ceiling 61088359 Mons back of house with screen porch 61088347 Back courtyard with birdbath and reflecting pool 61088316 Back courtyard birdbath 61088315