The Mons Anderson Mansion

One of La Crosse's Most Historic Landmarks

Timeline of House and Ownership, 1800s to Present Day

1851: Mons Anderson, "the Merchant Prince," age 21, arrives in La Crosse, WI.


1854: The house's original portion is built by stonemason Alexander W. Shephard, of New York.


1861: Mons Anderson purchases the house.


1865: Mons Anderson commissions architect William H. J. Nichols to design a series of high style additions to the house.


1878: H. J. Nichols finishes additions to the house, making the house one of the most spacious and elegant houses in La Crosse.


1906 - 1917: The house is sold to the YWCA (the Young Women's Christian Association) for the price of $10,000 for use as a "clubhouse" and remains in its possession until 1917.


1920: The house is returned to private ownership, selling to private owners in 1920 for $9,000.


1940 - 1982: The house is sold to handball champion and radiator repairman George Lassig, who converted it into a boarding house. The house steadily falls into disrepair and deterioration.  George Lassig dies in August of 1982 at the age of 88.


1982: The house is purchased at auction by Robert Poehling, who completely refurbished it and polished it to its rightful title of city landmark.


Mid-1980s: The house receives several local and statewide awards for architectural significance and historic preservation.


July 1996:  The house is purchased for nearly $1.2 million by Land Investment Trust.


September 1997: JoAn Lambert Smith buys the property from Land Investment Trust for $500,000 and turns the Mons Anderson House into a bed and breakfast, labeled, "Chateau La Crosse."


October 2008: "Chateau La Crosse," after 10 years of operation, goes on sale once more at auction by JoAn Lambert Smith, attracting worldwide attention when its selling price dropped from $675,000 to $375,000.


November 2009: The Mons Anderson House continues to be up for sale on the market, with an asking price of $415,000.


2011 to Present Day: Timothy and Eva Ewers purchase the house and restore it, also opening their restaurant, called "Le Chateau."  (visit their website here:


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