The Mons Anderson Mansion

One of La Crosse's Most Historic Landmarks

       Objectives of this Historical Web Seminar Project

The objectives of this project are several:

  • To provide the general audience with a coherent, well-constructed, complete history of the Mons Anderson House, La Crosse's oldest historical property, including a history of Mons Anderson, "The Merchant Prince" of La Crosse.
  • To provide people with a greater understanding of the complexities of a web exhibit, including its many parts.
  • To provide a basis for future research and to act as an example from which future historical web exhibits can be constructed.
  • Additionally, to give the general public a sense of what life for the well-privileged, rich merchants was like during its time period.  Photos from the interior of the house help to aid in the process of reconstructing an era that has since passed.  Here is my question to you as you browse through this exhibit and examine the elements that give this house its charm and appeal: What do you think it would have been like to live during this time period, immersed in the leisure and luxury that this house provides?

              About the Author of This Web Exhibit

Phil Adamczyk is a fifth year senior at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, majoring in secondary English education with a minor in history.  Phil is the founder and creator of Healers of Avalon, a holistic healing organization originally founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in February of 2009.   Phil is a Reiki Master Teacher, trained in the Usui and Tibetan Systems of Natural Healing. He teaches Reiki sessions and attunements, the art of tarot, and connection with the Higher Self through meditation. Phil is also a published author.  His first novel, The Chronicles of Terra: The Adversaries, is available both for rental and purchase.  His second novel, The Chronicles of Terra: Seeds of Chaos, sequel to his first, is due out soon.

Phil's interest in the Mons Anderson House first was sparked in 2008, when he heard mention of it going up for auction.  After walking past the house and viewing its elaborate decor and beautiful construction, he finally decided to make it a project to share with others - and for his Public History web seminar project, that is exactly what he has done.

If you would like to contact Phil, feel free to email him with questions or comments at:

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